Sherlock Holmes ♥

We went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum on our fourth day…
It was a convenience that we found it :)
It’s very small but very very lovely  and full of details! 
I’m really fascinated ♥
Sadly I didn’t read many stories of sherlock holmes… to be precise… just one
I really really like it and don’t know why, so I want to read more after I finished my five books which I bought the last days x) 
Anyway! Here are some pictures! Hope you like it! :)

Holmes Violin ♥

Queen Victoria ♥

We also went to the Bond Exihibiton, but you couldn’t take photos ;(
But there was on statue before the exihibition hall with which you could take a photo ^-^
Windsor Castle

When I was in London, we visited Windsor Castle, too! 

We got there quite early, and because of that the Castle still wasn’t open ^^’

So we took a walk throug the city, which is really really lovely! 

My mother took a photo me taking the picture xD

A really lovely river with ducks and swans flying over the water

Le me on the lovely brigde over the lovely river :D

There were so many swans!

The castle itself was quite nice, too! :) 

The Union Jack is hissed! The Queen is here! :D

Haha I think I look really like a tiny doll… or he looks a big doll! :D

We also took a little boat trip on the river, it was quite nice, but there weren’t many “attractions”

it was quite the same on the way…

It was more the feeling on that boat, which was really really nice…

everything was calm and relaxing 

The view of the castle from the boat :) 

After the boat trip :)

London Street Impressions

Like I said in my last Post,  I was in London for a week :)

And as I always I felt great there ^-^

I noticed that it was the forth time that I went to London… 

two times with school and now the second time with my parents. 

This time we went there because my dad was working in London for the chinese athletes ^-^

he was a driver who drove them to their competitions and home or drove family and friends fo them through London to attractions or shopping places… 

He took many pictures of the athletes… but I think I mustn’t post them online :( 

 He also got pretty many autographes x) 

So my mother and I went to London too :)

Every time in London I discover new places :) 

Like this time I finally went to the Portobello Market and fell in Love with it! 

It was full of so many beautiful and unique things! 

Every little booth had different and magnificent things for very good prices ♥

I’ll show you what I got in the next outfit posts ;)

(Sadly it was on my last day and I didn’t had enough time :( 

The next time I go to London the first place I go will be the Portobello market! ) 

Pembridge Road… the Road near the Portebello Road with some awesome shops, too! Especially very cool and unique shirts and totes :)

I love these colours ♥

Singer  ♥

I was in heaven *-* So many Singer Sewing machines! so cool!

This time I also had more time for Camden Town! 

With all the alternative and crazy things…

I was there the last time, too… but I didn’t have so much time for it :/ 

 As always there were so many people!

But I have to say, each booth has quite the same things, 

so it’s not so special like the Portobello Market…

I mean I had the feeling they all went to the same online chinese wholesale market and ordered many units of the same things…

Still, it’s a cool street ^^

So of course I went to Covent Garden, too…

It was my favourite place for shopping till I discovered the Portobello Road market :)

Best T-shirt! by David and Goliath!

 Take a look at their online shop!

They’ve got the coolest shirts!

Angry Birds ♥

The best street performer I’ve ever seen!

 Sadly just for like 5 minutes… he was nearly finished when we saw him :(

The mascot of the olympic games you could see everywhere! :) 

At first I thought: “What an strange and dumb thing”

But then I liked it more and more, it’s kinda cute :D

For the olympic games there was an “olympic city” in Stratford 

which is just like a very very big shopping area with many expensive brands for tourists…

It was very big and kinda awesome, but I didn’t took many photos because it just not that what you would call “lovely” 

Of course we went to Oxford/Regent an Carnaby Street :)

Monki :) 

Oh and there was the M&Ms Store! 

Sooooo Awesome… did you know it?

And we were in China Town ^-^

we met this guys who have ridden with his bike to the Olympics which was pretty cool :) 

I love such cakes ♥ Want one for my birthday too!

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